You were

a wild dog

mid bark

when I

switched off

I’d hand

you flames

in a

golden chalice

but you would

see them cold

You are dull

and I am


in desire

to change 


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If ever you are stuck for a crew on a boat keep your eye out for a bondage enthusiast. It seems to me they tie better knots than sailors. I doubt if this situation will ever arise but just in case. 

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Sleeping is my

closest friend

Waking up

is my nemesis

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When she waved

It sounded like hello

When she shook hands

it sounded like 

you mean a lot to me

When she kissed

it sounded like

rapture from

the wings of angels

When she left

it sounded

like the world

fell silent

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Joe Normal in extraordinary circumstances

I see we’re

killing each other

again today

No spat across

the garden fence

Just the odd

rat tat tat

across the walls

Nothing new

No renaissance

Keep your

head down

out of view

go live inside

a cave

Joe Normal

told me long ago

he wanted to

slap the face

of stupidity

but he didn’t 

he couldn’t find it

after all

"it bears my name"

he said


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What of

these secrets

I cannot tell

That stalk

the corners

of my mind

and paralyzed

they seem

to be

on frozen lips

they fade

they die

Is there ink

enough to spare

so I might

take a pen

and set them

down on paper

and let them

breathe again.

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Are you

Are you average

height average build

with a keen sense

of the ridiculous

Sharp wit

Love chat and

non English films

Maybe a tattoo

of a mermaid on

your wrist

From a county with

open fields and a


like kite flying country

Love reading

and writing ?

You see,

someone has just

knocked on my door

and I’m keeping

my fingers crossed

it’s you.

Even the knock

sounded like you.

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Fragrant fields


when I watch

the film roll by

it has a foot

in reality

as it leads me


in a cottage garden

People utter

words that took

a comittee meeting

to conjure up

Then it’s time

to close the store

Snap awake

Take the blanket

off my head

and burn this

false Utopia

There are no roses

at my feet

nor fragrant fields

to lay my head

just bottled

perfumes from

the shelf

and the bliss

of imagination

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Strictly speaking


I never need

to rehearse 

or practise sleep

The other skills

aren’t gifted

so easily

I’m not adept

at juggling

or spinning plates

They tend to fall

and I of course

blame gravity

Putting one foot

in front of another

is not without fault

but I get by

I could say

I’m skilled

in not measuring up

Strictly speaking

an omission

not a skill

Not is a giveaway

I could state

to you right here

right now

I’m happy

with myself

but technically


that’s called

a lie.

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Wild flowers in unusual places

Would you please

explain to me

I plant a seed

I plant a tree

I watch them die

back in the earth

A waste of time

and little worth

No beauty lives

within this plot

A crop of weeds

is all we got

In future I shall

spend my time

admiring flowers

on a railway line 

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You’re the

kind of girl

I would

wish on my

worst enemy

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Keep your

friends close

and your


even closer

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I had an mri scan today. I learned something very profound, the rhythm and tone of an mri harmonizes unbelievably well with the sax solo from Baker Street. The scales have truly fallen from my eyes. 

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"The intelligent

are full of doubt ?”

I doubt it.

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