And the most

difficult part

is turning


to words

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Passer by

The foolish man

ran around and

saw green fields

on sunny days

and the passer by

saw confusion

and chaos

The clever man

was stuck in a maze

deep in thought

never moving

and the passer by

was green with envy

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Low whisper-from a long time back

In the time between

the paper and the pen

a thought will disappear


that dissolves

on a light breeze

It will vanish

Low it whispers

and eludes me

like a ghost    

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I couldn’t drink white wine if I tried. There’s an air of being one with the crowd that has me pushing my chair back from the table. See I’m a watcher, a joiner outer if you like. It doesn’t hurt , nothing much hurts at all, as long as it’s a private matter. I have no sleeve to wear a heart upon and that suits, a dry joke is what it is to me. The less involved you get the less it stings. Be accommodating when there’s a genuine need otherwise walk the perimeter. Life is easier that way. An awareness of over complicating things is what I would say. Others might call it something else.

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got an invitation to a poetry reading, convivial kinda thing, the place smells like cheap cheese, old wood, fresh moss, bad hashish. these people are the ones you see holding the flag, first row, their anger is still sacred, veins do not shake on the way to their clenched fists. tonight everybody…

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No matter how many times

I walk through rain

I always end up wet

Never been 

struck by lightning

and it doesn’t

ever wash away

the thought that

I will be dry again 

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Goodbye by any other name


No matter

you wrap


words in


I found

a goodbye

inside them 

and that

was wrapped

in melancholy

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3rd call for ALL TUMBLR POETS!


Re: “Great Poets of Tumblr ” The Book!

The landing page is forthcoming….

☆Submission Guidelines
☆How to Nominate a Poem/Poet
☆Deadline details
☆Book details, title & Cover Art

Let’s get our community of poets published!!!!


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And at the end

the denouement

the post term

end game

Neverland lay


and a cold

wind passed



had gained

the upper hand

and spirits

failed to fly

one last time

What had been


viewed as the


made it’s way

to departures

and left

No fanfare

or lavish farewell

Almost unnoticed

slipped from

the grasp

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Volunteer required

They wanted

the very special

a super hero

to save the world

a reckless fool

to volunteer

So I just

sat down

and pretended

to be invisible

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The voice within

will often scream out

but lonely rooms

and walls

don’t listen

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Ann Boleyn’s house. Still in use
Earlier today

All those


cut from nothing

more than sandstone

Shaping themselves

to fit our needs

Light and dark

to explain who

we are

Wind blown

and weathered




par excellence 

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